Windows Hosting Vs Linux hosting

To run a website you need the space to host all your data, to run scripts, and application. This space is issued by servers, and now it depends on what program and application you want to implement on your site as per that either Linux or Windows hosting will be required. Linux and Windows are the two type of operating system.

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux hosting keeps all database and applications on a server running on a Linux operating system. Linux server is most popular for all kind of websites in large part because Linux is open-source software that companies don’t pay upfront for using.

What is Windows Hosting?

Windows hosting materialistically framed to run on Microsoft’s Windows server operating system. In simple words, Windows can support all that functionality what Linux server gives as well as Windows-specific server application.

Hosting service provider may have different plans where Linux, as well as Windows OS, provided but you must know the differences and decision to choose the right one for your project or company. So let’s dive into features differentiation.

If you ask any server administrator the biggest difference between Linux and Windows they’ll firmly mention stability, Linux servers are considered to be more secure than Windows servers. Linux server rarely rebooted and configurations can be done without a restart. Whereas Windows server gets unstable when multiple tasks running with multiple database, web and file servers.

Linux takes the crown when it comes to security. The top hackers target abundantly to the windows market.

Linux gained reliability to run a complicated and business-critical web application which come trustworthy in case of stability and security. You can establish a database for most popular content management systems such as WordPress, or Joomla with Linux hosting server via cPanel.

Windows is a good option for the companies which operate under a complex IT environment as they carry many legacy applications and databases.

Linux hosting services use most commonly equipped tools like cPanel, and Confixx that provides an easy web interface to users for installing blogging platforms, content management systems, and databases. This also serves easy configuration of e-mail addresses and if allowed, will able to auto-manages software packages such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, and FTP. This all-in-one package is quite easy for beginners because it eliminates a few more steps in configuring and managing a server.

On other hand windows hosting, we have Plesk though it offers many of the same benefits of cPanel and also helps to run Windows version of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Windows hosting is preferably used by large corporate offices where these servers can be used as SharePoint or exchange server. Windows hosting supports technologies like Microsoft Access, ASP, Dot-NET, MSSQL (Microsoft SQL), or other Microsoft specific technologies whereas Linux hosting is compatible with MySQL and PHP.

If you do some research online for figures regarding which hosting is popular among the two then you would have landed up to Linux hosting. The ultimate thing is both hostings gives the same level of proficiency.

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