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Web Hosting Control Panel Do use Hosting Company

Web Hosting Company use Mosty Two Control Panel Cpanel And Direct Admin

Hosting companies uses control panels that are right up their alley and convenient to their users. In the market, different control panel serves altogether one goal to facilitates the system administrator and end-user to manage their multiple aspects of server hosting and numerous websites without any hindrance.

Multiple options are available for choosing right fit hosting with the right control panel for your business. There is a lot more in the plate to look while selecting a Below is the checklist you can run before choosing a web hosting control panel

1. Language support

Control panel for hosting needs to be chosen based on which programming language in its frontend and it’s backend. Before downloading any application, you need to crosscheck in which language application wrote.

2. Operating System

Not every control panel works smooth with every operating system, so your choice of web hosting control panel is regarded with the operating system. A major operating system like Linux and Windows, which are widely adopted by most of the hosting companies and functions well with your operating system.

3. Security

Server security is the pillar of your control panel which established by certificate authorities. System managers are being more skeptical about the security of the web hosting control panel Control panels support paid or free installation of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for all domains in the system.

4. Mail server

operates on a mail server that allows features like creating users, mail forwarding setup, anti-spam features, email alias, etc. For business, it’s mandatory to interact with emails, and they actively look for mail management with corresponding control panel.

5. Add-on integration

Every website wants additional software like Cloudflare or third-party applications with the help of installations of plugins. The control panel helps to install them easily so that end-users don’t need to manage from multiple panels.

List of Paid control panels

1. DirectAdmin

2. cPanel

3. Plesk
4. H-Sphere

5. Helm

6. Ensim

7. HostFlow

8. ISPmanager

List of Free or Open source Control Panel

1. XPanel

2. ZPanel

3. Ajenti
4. Webmin

5. VestaCP

6. CentOS web panel

7. Kloxo-MR

8. ISPConfig

9. Froxlor

10. Virtualmin

11. GNUPanel

12. Sentora

13. Interworx

14. Domain Technologie Control (DTC)

15. ASM

16. VHCS

17. Web-cP

18. webuzo

(In order to choose the right it’s for your business, you need to consider every aspect of business requirements. Hosting companies either choose from a variety of paid or free control panel.)

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