vps server with cpanel

Why Is Cpanel Important When It Comes To A VPS Server

cPanel is the most widely used panel to host a website and this gives you the best graphical interface and some already designed tools to simplify your process of hosting.

VPS server keeps everything secure and manageable via complete root access to control panel. Firstly you need to create access to VPS account with a pre-installed WHM (Web Host Manager). WHM can be accessible via IP address of your VPS on 2086 or 2087 (https/SSL). For instance, assume your VPS IP is 31.420.54.166, and if you want to reach your WHM you would have to attach http:// or https:// as a prefix then it would look like this http://31.420.54.166:2087/ or https:// 31.420.54.166:2086/

VPS server gives full control on management of sites and other configuration of server. Setting up and managing server can be difficult and expensive at the same time. Therefore, VPS host make it cheap and easier for web builder to rent little space for one who doesn’t good with server management at affordable prices. This becomes a win-win situation for both of them.  You may not want everything to be cached by search engine and this thing you easily caters through the  backend control of your website i.e. provided by cPanel. Websites are not just bunch of blocks placed together it’s more than your thought actions which needs to be placed well.  cPanel solves all your web building problems with ease-to-use front end interface and you get the root access to the server so you can install any software for your website through cPanel without waiting for approval from hosting provider. VPS host also gives out a dedicated mail service, with private IP address which brings user

VPS hosting becomes a solution for the website hosting of all sizes. VPS hosting are at much affordable price than they wer several years back. Soon more slashes in VPS hosting pricing you will see due to advancement of virtualization technologies.    

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