process of hosting a website

What Is The Entry Process Of Hosting A Website

There Two Way Fix Entry Process Of Hosting A Website 

The entry process is the number of the process where PHP and CGI scripts for your website runs at the same time. In simple understanding, it is a very rare scenario of 20 people browsing your website’s particular page browsing at the same fraction of second. This also includes SSH (Secure Shell) sessions and Cron jobs.

Why are only 20 people at a time allowed for the entry process?

Most of the web shared hosting, or WordPress hosting plans offers entry process with the limitation of 20. This entry process limitation is created to ensure no single user consumes all the server resources and to prevent hosting from DDoS attacks against the webserver. Thus the server is safe against the malicious traffic Process Of Hosting A Website.

process of hosting a website

What happens if you cross the entry process limit of 20?

When you utilize your allotted entry processes (20) your rest users from 21 and so on will receive the error page of 508.

How to fix the entry process?

If you have access to your server management then access the script box with a command line terminal like SSH, you can run ‘top’ from the command line and see what process is taking up the resources.

Sometimes, these entry process resources can be from WordPress plugins or server itself. Both entry process resolution spawned here.

1. Fix Entry Process for WordPress:

The probability of causing the entry process is high with WordPress plugins. So to check which plugin causing the problem, disable all the plugins and check process number on cPanel if it goes to 0 then enable plugins one by one to find one that causes the problem and fix it or get rid of it.

Sometimes, the theme can also be the stimulator of the entry process. Switch back to normal or different theme to check if it might be the one causing the issue.

If any above would not be the cause for your entry process, then any file in your WordPress could be the causative agent. For this, you can backup your WordPress and delete everything from root directory including database and re-install everything back.

If all the above failed for you then certainly it is server causing the problem then go to below fixation option Process Of Hosting A Website.

2. Fix entry process for everything else:

a. Block the bots that might be crawling you, or you might be under DDoS attack, then access your Cloudflare and enable their firewall service under security by choosing “I am under attack”.

b. The database may have a hidden malware process. Fix your databases through cPanel>> MySQL Databases>> fix one by one database.

c. Faulty process or zombie processes which don’t harm your website or doing anything wrong but you notice low CPU usage and fill your entry process. You need to fix these processes by accessing your SSH. If not contact your host provider to access your account and suspend your account and unsuspend it.

d. If all the above methods didn’t work, you can change the IP (maybe) or try to block the requests with something like IP tables as a last resort attempt.

(Entry Process is the number of PHP scripts running at a single time. After exceeding the limit of the entry process, your users get the 508 error. This error can be fixed via multiple and straightforward ways Process Of Hosting A Website.)

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