How to Install Free SSL Certificate

Go to google and search sslforfree after that the first result will be clicked on it. After  clicking, the website will open enter the domain name the website search box then click the Create Free SSL Certificate after that you will have two options (manually verification >>manually verify domain)

click on both option After clicking, you will have 2 download file download both of those files after that you will go through your cPanel file manager go to file manager and created .well-known folder after that, make a folder of acme-challenge inside .well-known folder and upload both of these files inside acme-challenge folder you two file has been downloaded after upload click on Download SSL Certificate Go to cPanel and search a SSL/TLS in cPanel after click on SSL/TLS menu select a Manage SSL sites and select a domain name after clicking copy of the 3 SSL certificates in ( Certificate: (CRT) Private Key (KEY) Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) ) you have received from ssl for free go to cPanel then paste all certificate one by one click on Install Certificate after 5 min your SSL certificate will become active and you website HTTPS secure     

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