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What Functions Does The Control Panel Server

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The system administrator back in the day finds it difficult to manage several tools bit by bit with traditional terminal hard drives. Web hosting control panel offers a graphical user interface that allows you to handle domains, apps and app files, databases, logs, emails, server security, etc.

Primary functions of the Control Panel

1. Managing Domains

Control panel is associated with managing all domains, including the main domain, add-on domains, and parked domains leverage to track anti-Spam solutions (including DKIM, SPF, and DMARC) and allows you to configure your curated mails and emails against the blacklist and open-source filtering databases 

2. DNS Management

DNS data for your website can be hosted on your hosting environment, which includes the entire range of DNS records, like nameserver, A records, MX records, and TXT records. All this you can check at any moment through cPanel.

3. Subdomains

Your control panel allows you to create as many subdomains as you need.

4. Add-on Domains

Most of the control panel allows unlimited add-on domain creation based on your main domain. You can choose a particular Add-on domain to a specific website, or you can just park it aside if you don’t want to point it to any website control panel server.

5. Mail management

Some hosting allows you to create unlimited email accounts and these email accounts can be managed in mailbox management in the control panel easily. Sending mail internally or to the email which hosted somewhere else like Gmail accounts control panel server.

6. File Manager

The control panel presents a GUI that enables quick and easy file management. Content Management System likes WordPress files you need to manage as basic daily tasks for admins that becomes easy with cPanel.

7. Logging and Monitoring

ModSecurity is the application which most of the control panel provides, which helps in monitoring logging activity and helps you to recognize unauthorized users and can be blocked using ModSecurity via IP address blocking system effortlessly.

Additional features of Control Panel

1. Security with SSL/TSL

Enables you to secure your website confidential data. SSL provides full encryption features of sensitive data and locks your website from hacking. This SSL certificate you can enable from the control panel. Some of the hostings provide free SSL that you need to activate through the control panel.

2. Automation

it’s necessary for every system administrator as no one wants to stick to the system and work round the clock. its’s brings this automation in server maintenance this free up the time for system administrator and can perform other tasks. Most hosting providers give ‘Cron’ application, which is used as a scheduler that will run the script as specified time on specific days.

3. Customization of error pages

it’s may occur in system administration which ends up in revealing the hosting provider name and some unprofessional error message that make customer thinks this site on the blink. Control Panel prevents you from the extent of unexpected hindsight error. Control Panel makes ease by customizing your error page including typical 404— not found error. Working on your error pages makes you clinching many deals, and your customers will keep coming back.

4. Software installation

The control panel makes it easier to install any software you wish. Best of all, anytime you can remove these installations without any dispute. Third-party software like software for adding the forum to your site, adding shopping carts, help desks, image galleries, and any plugin to download for WordPress like CMS can be processed through the installer folder.

5. Managing Databases

It’s the systematically structured, organized set of data where you can get a specific file you need with the cPanel, you can access your system’s files where you can upload, mangle and download any file from any location.

6. CDN

Its full form of Content Distribution Network makes your visitors able to get your site served from multiple locations, decreasing the load time on your server and speeding your website.

(Manages every aspect of your web hosting properly like managing domains, FTP, the security of your site, CDN, Automat.)



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