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What’s The Best Website Builder For SEO

Best Website Builder For Seo in Google Recommended  

home and specificity of everything matters here. These specificities may vary as per the businesses which should be taken care of by website builder. Many of you might be just starting of SEO, positively thinking from where to start so here we will be giving pointers to kick start.

Best website builder for SEO is one who builds website or pages which are search engine friendly which leads to fantastic traffic through Google sooner rather than later. 

What is different between a normal website and an SEO-friendly website?

An SEO friendly website is a website that has unique titles and descriptions for every page, the main keyword-stuffed URLs, exclusive contents, images that well optimized as per search engines, and user-friendly interface with easy navigations. If your website is falling under all these outlines, then I am sure your site comes off with flying colors. On a normal website, nothing specific to SEO is done apart from quietly building the website.

Be a cut among the competition by choosing the right website builder for your business, and this may be your personal blog, e-commerce, brochure or catalog websites, funnel page, community-based websites, etc. every blog needs proper SEO to rank in search engines. 

Before starting, you might have definitely heard WordPress, which also bottled up with website building which I didn’t enumerate while on the list.

Here is the narrowed down list of 5 Best website builder for SEO.

best website builder for seo

1. Wix

it takes the first position in the list as it inhabits a wacky zone for the creation of your website. That wants to make everything easy for us, so they head over to the drag-and-drop function to help to build a bizarre website. There is a reason Wix being a leader in the industry as they offer useful tools and power to build anything users want to. They offer Artificial Design Intelligence which gives a headstart by asking questions about building it. it is available in both free version and a paid version with only $5 when you need to design an e-commerce website.

Best website builder for SEO

 More than 300+ quality templates

 Intuitive and beginner-friendly

 An extensive FAQ and video tutorials 

 Mobile optimization

Responsive and helpful support

 Free version


Artificial Design Intelligence

2. Squarespace

it empowers you to build a professional and beautiful website in the easiest way. The best suited for visual businesses with dozens of high-quality available templates. Once you start and get familiar with their tools and you will be master in no time. Great customer support 24/7. The bad about its is you cannot go beyond the template like you will be unable to put some aspects on your website.

Super easy

Great live chat and support 24/7

Hundreds of high-quality templates

In-built SEO

Mobile optimization

3. Hubspot

It already built a powerful place in website building as such its core business is developing and marketing software. Hubspot accredited with CDN (Content Delivery Network) which helps in forming the fastest loading website regardless of your browsing location.

Security is another specialty of Hubspot that keeps your website secure and backed up regularly in the cloud. Hubspot performs outstand with firewall security for its customers. Hubspot website builder includes all the features of the best website builder realistically. Drag and drop modules, Content SEO, guaranteed mobile optimization, and content staging all this spawned up by considering SEO in point of view.

BUilds the fastest website 

Drag and drop module

Mobile optimization

A good number of templates available

4. Weebly

If you are beginner then ‘Weebly’ is for you it will not only build a website but awake your inner coder and designer which will take your project next level.

There’s never a road without turning when it comes to your business; you can easily change your visual appearances of the website with Weebly without letting your SEO affected. Every Weebly website looks super clean, uncluttered and systematic spaces for everything which inevitably attracted by your visitors. Weebly is absolutely free. You can opt for the paid version to unlock advanced features which costs you min — $ 12.

Responsive and functional templates

Easy to get started

Drag and drop module

Unlimited images

5. GoDaddy

it is famous for its hosting and domain things more than anything else. GoDaddy has expanded its services and aimed at setting up a website of their own style in just a few minutes. They have four plans suitable for every business; Personal, Business, Business Plus, and Online store. A personal plan is absolutely free where you can build your personal website or blog for free for one month and later try with just $5 per month. GoDaddy offerings also include keyword ideas, automatic site map generation, control over Robots.txt file, and a handful of SEO techniques.

Mobile responsive design

Automation of basic SEO

Proper guidance for better rank

24/7 Customer support

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