best linux control panel

What Is The Best Linux Control Panel

Best Linux Control Panel is Cpanel Is Most Popular Control Panel In World 

Server Management professionals have to get down to the brass tacks for choosing the right control panel for their customers. A few years down the line Linux based control panel is brightest amongst all other control panels. It is providing an elegant solution to tons of problems and diversified distribution versions. whether you be a Linux experienced or Linux newcomer. Linux based operating system allows from an extended run facility to host multiple websites on VPS and Dedicated Server.

We have narrowed down the list of five web-based Linux control panel. we believe those fall into the “best of” category. Each mentioned control panel could be installed under your Linux distribution choice.

best linux control panel

Top 5 Control Panel 

1. cPanel

It is a paid control panel, closed source and the de facto standard one which has renowned for Linux-based control panel in the web hosting industry. it’s become popular among developers and hosting providers as everyone is well acquainted with it. End-users of it’s found it more convenient due to natural and graphical interface which saves plenty of time.

Newbie gets to learn from free tutorials and support available in its tutoring section. it’s composed of two products: it’s itself and WHM (Web Host Manager). it’s is basically your website’s control system where you can do tasks such as uploading and editing files, creating email addresses and set up databases.

WHM is the king who manages multiple cPanel accounts. Nominally, WHM access is not available in shared hosting; however, VPS hosting and Dedicated server hosting avail WHM access. With cPanel, you get the automated option which is the advanced feature but very useful. Multiple add-ons software is available Best Linux Control Panel in the world.

(Best Linux Control Panel is the control panel operated on a Linux operating system and its distributions. Here discussed the best Linux based hosting control panel that offers multiple software and toolboxes for busy professionals to manage lots of domains and server management.

2. DirectAdmin

Its the open-source web hosting platform that allows managing an unlimited number of websites, email accounts, FTP user accounts, and DNS. Frontpage extensions management, upload and manage files using a file manager. Daily backups that access you to restore files and account data. Easy to set up error pages with DirectAdmin. Install SSL certificates, set up cron jobs, and much more advanced features. A DirectAdmin control panel gives premium features at meager cost and becomes the most popular Best Linux Control Panel in no time.

3. Webmin/Virtualmin

Its version offers Virtualmin, which in use for managing virtual hosts. its a well designed web-based control panel for Linux for a very long time for a good reason. Virtualmin is a free web hosting control panel that includes better control over Dovecot, better handling of error page redirects, Let’s Encrypt certificates and a bunch of small bugfixes. Virtualmin is open-source and licensed under GPL.

4. Vesta

Its a very light control panel focusing on the speed of the site by using the latest and greatest versions of technologies. it’s facilitated by Softaculous, which is an auto-installer by assisting you in installing more than 400 apps in one click. Softaculous makes Vesta, even more, simpler to build, and manage websites. Vesta web-based control panel brings secure handling for server administration with easy installations. Once you run the Apache and MySQL, your server is ready for compiled management at a single location with your credentials to the installed database. Once run the scripts, you’ll be managing tools: Web, DNS, database, mail, FTP, Nginx, SSL certificates, configuration templates, backups, updates, monitoring, antispam/antivirus, WHMCS billing, and more. Vesta offers a clean user interface with its free control panel.

5. ISPConfig

Its a broadly used open-source web hosting control panel for Linux operating system. It offers server administrators to manage multiple servers from a single control panel. ISPConfig is supported by a variety of Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and OpenSUSE. ISPConfig is available in more than 20 languages. With clear interface ISPConfig, it manages services like Apache, NGINX, FTP, SQL, BIND DNS, mirroring, clusters, database, and virtual servers, email, and others.

ISPConfig comes with few caveats for newbie as it isn’t easy to install, need to download separately every software and most of the configuration isn’t one-click action.


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