Is Amazon A Best Hosting For WordPress Blogs

Amazon Is The Best Host For WordPress Blogs Website In The World 

it is today’s top online retailer in the world which also started cloud computing business to scale and grow many remote businesses. Amazon introduced the subsidiary of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006, which provides cloud computing services to individuals, companies, and governments. AWS is the most reliable cloud storage, although you can acquire disaster recovery Amazon is the best service provider in the world its cloud computing is used to Bess Host for WordPress Blogs amazon has excellently paved the way in delivering IT service in the form of web services of the Cloud Computing platform. On the current date, AWS hosts around 4.7% of all the websites and honed, which now became “World’s Largest Cloud Computing Platform.” AWS has come up the ante in a combative way with cloud-based competitors such as Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Secure WordPress

Managing and securing WordPress site is not as daunting as it seems, with high-profile outage AWS cloud service you can easily rely upon managing and securing WordPress blog. We will explain to you with ten strong reasons to choose Amazon Web Service (AWS) to Best Hosting For WordPress Blogs.


Amazon Hosting For WordPress

1. Reliable

The reliability of AWS is one pillar that scaled to recover from any disruptions and failure. AWS monitors a system for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) which automatically recovers from the crash. Their system infrastructure is designed to detect the failure and automatically heal itself. Regular backups of files to ensure recovery from both physical and logical errors.

2. Data Centre Location

Despite this, AWS business started from the ground up to the world’s largest cloud computing platform planted 54 global networks within 20 geographical regions around the globe. So no matter where you stay, AWS has covered you.

3. Automation in Backups

AWS offers various backup methods that cover you from everywhere. AWS Backup synchronize with various backup tools like Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EFS, AWS storage gateway to automate scheduled backups across every AWS region. So it prevents your databases from getting lost in natural or humanmade disasters.

4. Streamlined Disaster Recovery

AWS’s versatile platform covers your business with a small fraction of downtime or data loss spells disaster. AWS utilizes third-party services to simplify the AWS disaster recovery plan across multiple regions in the event of a disaster.

5. Customization

AWS cloud computing platform offers micro-level customization to meet the needs of every individual business. AWS permissible to AWS Management Console to build and manage an intuitive user interface. You can also access the AWS Console Mobile Application to review the resources on the go quickly Best Hosting For WordPress Blogs.

6. Pay As You Go Costing

AWS offers a flexible cloud computing platform to automate routine tasks and backups, moreover scale the capacity as per your business needs, many other services or tools availability as per needed basis. Amazon’s flexibility pay as you go makes the user improve their business bottom line. AWS can go with new growing businesses to already established high profile companies with varying plans as their needs.

Million-dollar earning business or website takes benefit from AWS like Netflix, LinkedIn, Facebook, Apple, BBC, Turner Broadcasting, ESPN, and many other high profile businesses utilize AWS.

7. Simple Automation Scheduling

AWS is widely preferable for its precious ability to start and stop various tasks at their predetermined times. This will clearly explain to you with instances like to schedule services of EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and (RDS) Relational Database Service from stepping back to run during off-hours or weekends. You can set your target deadline to automate scheduled tasks.

8. Flexibility and scalability

AWS flexibility doesn’t end with Pay as you go or customization. They surpass the learning curve with a distinction for flexibility which owns a hallmark of AWS. Businesses don’t have constraints in physical computing infrastructure instead focus on projects from which your business is differentiated Best Hosting For WordPress Blogs.

9. Speed

AWS uses cloud-based computing; IT resources are just a click away to keep you at bay from technical glitches. Developers resolve the problems in minutes which is the positive sign for an organization to gain every inch of business growth.

10. Investment

Despite trading your hard-earned capitals heavily in data centers and servers, you can pay only when you consume computing resources and pay only you consume.

(Answer to the question is yes, Amazon is a good host for WordPress blog for growing businesses. AWS offers plenty of services in a single platform without wasting your time and money on multiple platforms. AWS cloud computing platform provides a to z business handling to scale your business every single day.)

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