centos 6 web panel

10 Steps to Setup Centos 6 Web panel

Centos Web panel is a Linux web panel that runs on its centos6 and centos7 operating systems. first, we will know how we can set the panel in the centos 6 web panel 
What is needed
VPS Server:  1 Core 512MB Ram  (suggest 1Core 2 Ram)
Os: centos6 
Open the Putty first, after that you insert the IP address of the server into the box. After that, you insert the Root login and root password first you need to create a server hostname To make the hostname, first of all, put the following command in the putty.

  1. hostname server1.yourdomainname.com
  2. Note: yourdomainname.com Means Your Domain Name
  3. After that, your Cento6 has to be updated To update, insert the command given below in the putty.
  4. yum -y install wget
  5. yum -y update
  6. After that, restart or reboot the server Use the command given below to restart a server
  7. reboot
  8. After reboot, we will reopen the server via putty after open now we can put a centos6 web panel into server Using the command given below to insert send to as centos6 web panel.
  9. cd /usr/local/src
  10. wget http://centos-webpanel.com/cwp-latest
  11. sh cwp-latest
  12. reboot
  13. After 30 minutes centos6 web panel will be installed in your server You have been given to verify the centos 6 web panel which you have also been server IP provided by the VPS server provider, by visiting that Ip address on any browser. You will see whether you will see centos6 web panel Welcome Page, and that means your centos 6 web panel is fully installed on the server. To browse the web channel of centos6, browse the IP address by visiting the IP address of the server with:2031 in the last by going to any browser Your login id password is the same as your login ID password that you have received from a VPS provider and is setup successful 

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